Cork Hurlers - Part 2


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Lehane missed a few easy frees that would have won it. Ref gave them very soft frees as per usual. Happy with the fight shown by the lads and some of the new lads had good games. Twomey was much better. Power might make me eat crow and put his name in the hat for Championship. Roche is nailed on for midfield.
Listened to the second half on Clare FM. The lads there said the game became very scrappy with lots of frees, fumbling and spilled balls, and the scoring pattern reflects that. They were very annoyed at the sending-off as well. No single Cork player mentioned as standing out, but they noted that Cork swarmed the Clare man in possession more effectively than v-v, and that Lehabe missed a couple of frees they were expecting him to score.

Second half scoring, particularly from play, really dropped off badly. Tbf, having the two main ball winners withdraw injured presumably made a big impact. Glad to see Power scoring again - Cork could do with him having a breakout season, and there's a place there for him if he keeps his form up.


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Be grateful for anyone who was there to post some updates on who played well today. Was listening to John Cashman and Tom Kenny on radio.
Power and Hayes up front. Twomey at midfield was all over the place. Niall o leary solid out. Roche did well too. Dalton and Harnedy til they went off

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