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A quick question. What does 'scheduled' mean on the TFI live departures' web page?

It means fuck-all, I'd say. Or about as much as "Due" which becomes "Cancelled" or just disappears off the app totally.

Google Maps is actually far more accurate in terms of bus arrivals.

The 214 must be the most frustrating bus route/service in Cork. It's the epitome of the old "wait 60 mins and then two appear at once". The fact that it services the train station makes the whole thing even more laughable.

I was walking along Proby's Quay recently and two 214 double-deckers passed by bumper-to-bumper. The first one half full, the second basically empty.

What's the point in that?
Are these the same size as the existing DBL. Deckers? Maybe it's the glass but they seem longer.
No the LF's are as such coaches, as in they are more comfortable and are for longer distance travel.
The LF's are 14 meters long, the typical double deckers are 10 meters long, some of them are single door ones and they are just over 12 meters long.
Same with the 220, two following each other How does that even happen?
For most of the route, they cannot pass one another.
If a road is wide enough and if the first bus pulls in, the one following can pass, assuming that no one on that second bus is getting off at that stop.

The bus 2 becomes bus 1 and he now is the first to arrive at the stops so he stops and after a while the other catches up again.

When they get to their destination terminus, Union rules kick in and they have their break.

Once the brake is over one will go off service and will take a short cut back to the middle of the route and then resume the route from there.
This is the problem when you have Dublin rule and no local knowledge

On a typical journey from Blackpool to Douglas, the average car journey time has increased by about 25%-30% from 2019-2023 — that’s a very significant increase,” she said, giving one example

Stupid thing to say of course as during that time period the traffic flow in the area around Mc Curtain Street was all changed and that fucked up the travel time as that misinformed Dumplin visitor came out with 🙄

After serving our city for the last 12 years these two ladies are departing for another depot.

The reallocation of double deck buses to routes 216, 223 and 225 is now imminent.

Big issues with MC single deckers in Capwell, 4 of the 16 C buses are as such obsolete now as they need injectors that used to be made in Ukraine.
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