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BusConnects my hole, it cannot happen for years :

Bus Éireann has gone out to tender on a new €10m temporary bus depot in the Tivoli Docks.

The former Tata Steel site is set to be a standalone maintenance depot, which will also accommodate daily servicing and parking of up to 150 buses and coaches on the five-acre site, the company said.

The facilities for almost 400 drivers will be built to help start the rollout of the multi-million euro BusConnects project.

BusConnects Cork sets out to deliver an overall increase of 53% in bus services in the city, with two 24-hour bus services, seven all-day frequency bus routes running every 15 minutes or more, and the expansion of bus services to previously unserved areas such as Upper Glanmire, Waterfall, and Kerry Pike.

But the city’s over-capacity Capwell depot, which was designed for 100 buses, is now struggling to cope with about 130, and cannot cater for the additional buses proposed under BusConnects.

Capwell will continue to operate once the temporary depot at Tivoli becomes operational in 2025 for the overnight parking and maintenance of buses in the city’s expanded bus fleet.

McCutcheon Halley planners, on behalf of Bus Éireann, had scoured the city to establish the feasibility of 12 proposed sites for the depot and shortlisted nine of them.

Tivoli was chosen as the preferred location because of its suitable size and good existing road network. Planners said the traffic generated by the bus depot would be less than the previous volume of HGV traffic in the area.

They said:
Overall, the proposed development will provide a crucial temporary phase of the roll-out of the BusConnects Cork initiative, facilitating necessary capacity for a growing bus fleet.

Cork City Council granted planning permission for the project in November, after having originally requested further information on the proposals, which were lodged last June.

At the time, a spokesperson for Bus Éireann welcomed the decision.

“The new depot is required to facilitate the significant growth in public transport services in Cork and will operate alongside the current Capwell depot, which is at capacity."
Bus Éireann said it had carried 15 million passengers in Cork so far this year — a 25% increase on last year.

“But we know there is more to do to improve the reliability of our services by supporting on-street bus prioritisation in the city and county," the spokesperson said.
The company is continuing a parallel project to identify a site for a permanent second depot. But it said site selection, planning consent and construction will take several more years and it could be 2030 before the permanent depot is operational.
It was not the end of VWD 411 at all.

It was sent back up to Wrights in Ballymena and they stripped it down and rebuilt it.
It went back on the road earlier this week.
Fantastic news
Fantastic news
On the ball.
I was so excited last night that I got my facts wrong so in order to now put them right here we go :

LF 201 to LF 210 are for Broadstone.
LF 211 to LF 215 are for Roxboro.
LF 216 to LF 224 are for Capwell.

The Capwell allocation is :
LF 216 - 245 X ( Dublin)
LF 217 - 245 X ( Dublin)
LF 218 - 226 ( Kinsale )
LF 219 - 226 ( Kinsale )
LF 220 - 226 ( Kinsale )
LF 222 - 245 ( Clonmel )

With the allocation of LF 222 to the 245 and with it being outbased at Clonmel, this frees up LF 447 which is currently designated a " spare ", it is currently serving the 245 between Capwell and Fermoy.

And as for VWD 411, well it is currently on the 214 city service
And here we have LF 222, she is number 5 of the 10 new LF' s coming to Cork.
It will spend its time on the 245 route between here and Clonmel.View attachment 31421
Not a bus nerd, but I saw this bus making what I presume was the end of its journey to Cork the other day, on the South Ring. It was traveling in tandem with another bus which seemed to be the same and which had a sequential registration number (7905 or 7907, can't remember which).
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