2023 Premier SHC

Is correct that back in the day Midleton and Cloyne were together minor like Christy Ring won a county with Endas.
I think that all ended maybe 60,s or before but for some reason the name was used up to the 80’s afaik
Maybe because ye were still using Cloyne players in the 80s, don’t be shy with the facts fin 🤣🤣
Nope, midleton didn’t have enough players of their own so they formed an east cork divisional side to take on the mighty city boys

So fin never really won a County playing with midleton 🤣
I only ever played with Cloyne players in school and Dick Barrett and we won both.
Don’t be trying to make excuses now before the game it’s still early for that
Take no notice Cranky
He was mocking us because we have too many numbers now and then mocking us when we didn’t have enough numbers.
He is as nervous now as Joe Duffy at a Wolfe Tones gig
Oh ye always had enough numbers, just never enough hurlers 🤣

Not f nervous at all boy, we’ll do well to keep it pucked out to the mighty men of St Endas 🤣

Flute Concert: Hammy Hamilton, Conal O Gráda, Aoife Granville
An Spailpín Fánach, 28 South Main St., Cork

30th Sep 2023 @ 2:00 pm
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Lady and The Amp

Clancy's, Tomorrow @ 8:30pm

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