Welcome Inn Traffic Box

Tom Doig & PROC

1 Oliver Plunkett Street

The Welcome Inn, the city's only remaining 'early house', has been perched on this corner of Cork City for nearly 200 years. There was always going to be only one theme when we got our hands on these manky old traffic boxes.

All words on the box mean 'welcome' in different languages with Irish/Gaeilge in the middle. Clockwise from the top left the languages are French, Thai, Turkish, Hindi, Turkish, Catalan, Yoruba, Polish, Japanese, Ukrainian, Swedish, Welsh.

Píosaí eile / Other pieces


Welcome to Cork, Brazillians

Welcome To Cork, Wales

Welcome to Cork, French

Welcome to Cork, Poles

Thomas Kent

An Té Nach Bhfuil Láidir Ní Foláir Dó A Bheith Glic