Welcome To Cork, Wales

PROC & Garreth Joyce

MacCurtain Street

Lots of Welsh people come to visit Cork, whether it's for business or pleasure...or rugby (which tends to be both if you're from Wales). Cork is the iis the real powerhouse of the province's big rugby club, Munster. Because we in Cork are so sound and prolific in other sports, we allowed poor old Limerick to give those who are none the wiser, the impression that it leads the way when it comes to the oval ball (they really needed something at the time!). Corkonians have great admiration for Wales and its traditions and culture. They are proud of their language, passionate about their rugby (and pints). We chose Adam Jones as one of the most recognisable Welsh rugby icons for this box welcoming Welsh people to Cork. 'Bomb' made 95 appearances for his country and has been on five British & Irish Lions tours. 'Creoso' is the Welsh for Welcome/Fáilte.

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