Welcome to Cork, Swiss

PROC & Garreth Joyce

French's Quay, Cork City

The new direct connection between Cork airport and Zurich got us thinking a lot about Switzerland, particularly about how easy it makes having three large, distinct language groups living so harmoniously under one flag. At times in Ireland it feels like there is little or no room for the Irish language or Irish people from a different cultural heritage. Even when we thought about this one we initially thought 'we can't fit a nod to all three languages onto a small litte traffic box - nobody wil see them!'. But, we weren't thinking like the Swiss would: sure of coure there was room for everyone's preferred language. The Swiss Army knife is one of that country's most famous exports and it brings together many different, useful tools. We liked the idea of it and reimagined how a Cork centric version of it might look. Mar píosa craic, like.

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