Welcome To Cork Dutch

PROC, ReimagineCork & Garreth Joyce

Merchant's Quay, Cork City

Seven mornings a week you can almost set your watch by the sound of the engines of the first flight of the day leaving Cork airport. The 6am to Amsterdam! You look up and think of all the excited Cork heads on that flight:

No doubt each one contains a platter of feens heading for a few big nights out in the 'Dam - schmokin' the schmokey schmoke and wandering down to the red light district "just to see it" (yeah sham, you're only headin' down there cos red is your favourite colour, right?! You'd never...you know...buy anything down there, like...wouldja?)

Plenty of visitors from Holland make the trip to Cork every year and there are loads of students and young Dutchies living here too. We wanted to welcome them with a particularly Cork take on an instantly recognisable Dutch icon - the windmill.

Now that wind turbines are popping up all over Cork, we tried to imagine what this typical Dutch yoke would look like and of course, the blades would be more aerodynamic if they looked a bit more like proper Cork hurleys.

And instead of grinding up grain, of course, they'd probably be grinding up pure squidgy hash that was smuggled home on the return flight from The Dam.

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