Welcome To Cork, Australians

PROC & Garreth Joyce

South Mall, Cork City

Part of the People's Republic of Cork (PROC) 'Welcome to Cork' series this street art features 'Alf Stewart' from Australian soap opera, Home & Away, played by actor Ray Meagher.

The programme has been a favourite among both Irish and Australian teens for decades and Alf's typically Australian 'no nonsense' attitude to life sits well with Corkonians.

The Aussie's image was styled up to look like Ireland's most famous hurler, Christy Ring (1920-1979) - himself, a no nonsense sportsman.

One side of the box says "Fáilte Go Corcaigh" (Welcome to Cork) and the other side facing Parnell Place says "Ya Flamin' Galah" - one of Alf Stewarts's famous catchphrases.

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