Wuhan Wheeze

I think that the conspiracy involved is that if covid was on the death cert , no matter where, it was added to covid death numbers.
Would there be any figures of people who die with pneumonia per year as I've heard most dying people contract it shortly before death ,it must be extremely high.
Are you referring to the organized massive worldwide conspiracy involving hundreds of thousands of people perpetrated in order to confuse you and BlarneyMan?
"Rarely, the flu can be severe — and even deadly — for young, otherwise healthy people."

Do you need me to posts another 20 links to stories of young healthy people who died of flu? Cos I can, but it would be a waste of both our time.

In the last 24 hours you have had to resort to making snide comments about my mother, my husband and my kids. All you are proving is that you can't actually argue anything on its merits.
And after all this links you are Ok to allow super spreaders to socialize with your mother who is obviously much older then people on the links? You are one very irresponsible daughter….
The Complete Stone Roses
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