Worst punishment 'Lines' from teachers

20 years later I still remember it, word for word.

"Archimedes principle states that when a body is immersed in a fluid the upthrust is equal to the amount of fluid displaced" X 500 times

That reminds me. Another science teacher I had waved about a metre stick like it was a sword.
I had to draw a picture of a prison once as a punishment. Teacher said it was to get me accustomed to my new home, I didn't get it at the time (or why my dad got so angry over it) but I think it's quite funny now.
"I must pay more attention in religion class,and not waste my time playing cards" X 500

When I did not have them for the next class X 1000 and when I did not have them for the following class X 2000.

I decided to approach the mother [normally a disciplinarian and tending to take authority 's side] and plead that the lines were a waste of valuable study time. Surprisingly the mother agreed and wrote a note to say that it was a waste of time and that I would not be doing the lines.

This note when presented, got me a chatter in the shoulder and a frog march out of the class and told not to return without the lines completed.

So there I was standing outside the class when along comes the Head brother [thundering prick] when asked what I was doing. I told him what happened, showed the note and stated that I would NEVER do the lines. He thought about it and then surprisingly told me to go into a vacant classroom and study and to do that for every other religion class for the remainder of the year.

Hated that boring stupid class anyway.
Score :p
im not a wimmins.. im a boy.. lateral think encouraged me to join the gardai.. when all my buddys were in stolen cars and gettin hidings off the law i was playin ball and laughing at them ..
My Science Teacher in School made us write out the Male Reproductive System fully labelled 10 times for talking out of turn after being warned... it wasn't exactly abuse but nobody wanted to be seen drawing dicks.

When it was my turn I decided to do throw my hand at the female reproductive system instead, and in a much more artistic manner than the biy's using bic biro's, when he looked at me strangely I told him I preferred the female reproductive system, he laughed and told me he was starting to get worried about the rest of the lads in the class.

My English Teacher (A minter who I would have given my left hand to fawk) once gave me a punishment essay on "The life cycle of a cornflake", returned the essay to me with a note saying it was the most imaginative thing I had ever wrote, the next essay was titled the "Mirror", I wrote every letter and word backwards, from right to left. If only I had put as much effort into my actual homework...
The same fellow who gave us the lines had 2 other severe forms of punishment for those caught fighting. He'd either make you ahve a knuckle fight in front of the class, whereby each guy takes it in turn to bash his knuckles off the other guys knuckles until blood was drawn, or he would do the same thing with rulers, where you had to slice your ruler off the other guys knuckles.

On the flip side if you built up your 6 VGs by Friday you got homework off for the weekend - so the auld carrot and stick led to a seriously motivated class of 11 year olds.
Bet you learned the history though ...............that would be a total head wreck, not to mention your parents going, why are you doing that?, cos it would be obvious like.

I never had to do it, thanks be to fuck. One fella in my class refused to do it so the teacher gave him a second chapter to do and called him all sorts of shit.

The next history class, the lad's oul fella was waiting outside the classroom for the teacher and reefed him down the corridor.

The same fucker made a poor bastard do a thousand lines because he wouldn't sing "The River Of Dreams" by Billy Joel in front of the class. It wasn't even his class, he was in there because the religion teacher was sick. I think he thought he was a pop svengali or something because he was involved with the John Players Tops thing.
Lines from my English teacher

Just wondering if any other teachers, back in the day, had a penchant for coming up with really long lines to be written 50,100,..... times?

We had one, who it turns out is now a conviceted paedo, who knew? who loved to give lines that covered 3-5 lines on a page, to ensure people weren't writing mutliple lines at the one time with mutiple pens.

Variations on the theme, and this is 25 years later, so its scary how well ones remembered them being given out, to others of course....

I must always remember and never forget as long as I live that there are 60minutes in an hour and not a hundred as i have been told on numerous occassions.

I must always remember and never forget as long as i live that talking in class is strictly forbbiden without the teachers express permission, and especially not during revision when there is no such provision.

or there is an Irish one which i don't remember so well, started off

'Caithfeadh me mo obair bhail a dheanamh a cheart agus a thuairt isteach do scoil gach la.............................' God i still murder that Irish.

I have to say that very few of my teachers back in the 70's gave lines - though several of them were a sheer terror with the leather. We got a new English teacher in 5th year, however who certainly introduced us to the concept. In her defence, she was quite young, it may have been her first school and she was faced with a class of teenage boys who would have got out of hand if she let us. To stamp her authority from the start she gave lines and other written punishments quite liberally and as the mood took her - none of us escaped. She seemed to take a particular dislike to me from the start - and boy did I suffer as a result. I received some really quite lengthy and onerous written punishments from her in the two years I had her. She seemed to take particular pleasure in just picking on me in class, standing me up and accusing me of what was often a quite trivial misdemeanour - lack of neatness or improper desk posture were two of her favourites - having me take note in my class diary of some shite like "I must remember at all times to write legibly and neatly in my exercise copy and to rule my exercise copy in the correct manner". She would then have me write the line out 200 times after school. Once in her Friday class she gave me such a shitty line - but because it was the weekend to follow, I had to write it out for her 500 times. As the line was really two lines - it was in reality like doing 1,000 lines. In addition to punishing me with lines, she also regularly gave me spellings and sections of prose and poetry to write out in copious quantities. I have to say that she had more of an effect on me than any of the Brothers with their leather - and I still get the shivers to this day when I recall some of her written punishments.
Some of these posts are disturbing. The amount of abuse is frightening. The bast..ds should be sued. I met an old class mate about 10 years
ago and was surprised to hear he
attented the funeral of a brutal and sadistic teacher we had. When I asked him why he went he replied " I just wanted to make sure he was buried face down just in case he wasnt dead"
T'was was called an imposition where I schooled-Worst was being told to learn Twelfth Night off by heart until I got it word perfect-never did and my father came and took me away in any case .Another was to count the window panes in the school and list them room by room .I got it to do once and hid in the basement with a pack of cigs .After two hours I came out of hiding and presented the list and was then grounded in my dorm for 3 weeks-I had paid a guy 20 cigs to give me a copy of the window list-heh heh- then they got wise to that and started making you count the floor planks, then the number of light fittings, roof tiles etc.
I got into a minor scuffle once with another lad and was brought before the House Master- the cunt lifted me off the ground by the lapels , shook me violently , banged me repeatedly aginst the wall and (on retrospect ,I love this.)--"Sonny boy, there is one thing in this House that I will not tolerate and that is violence"-I got slippered and given two Saturday morning detentions whereby you were put in a classroom and made to learn a lengthy poem or portion of Latin text off by heart.
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