Worst punishment 'Lines' from teachers

First 9 pages of the Science book, finished with the definition of "Iseabar".

"Out to Iseabar 3 times for Monday fella".

Being an asshole in class, i tended to write 2/3 more than necessary and have them stored ready to go. Sailed through the Physics part of the Junior Cert paper as a result though.
"I must not take and eat the teachers lunch". 200 times. I got that line from four different teachers in the space of one month.

My old man was on strike from work at the time.
Had to write out first page of 1st Book of Genesis,fucking print was tiny,took me all night,then the cunt just threw it the bin.
Phil Collins you caaant!!!!
I used to have a science teacher who would give some students in my class 100 lines every week. On the first week, she traumatized everyone in the class by giving out lines. Not only that, she would give out lines to those in detention too. What was more horrifying was that she would give them a week detention or a year of detention if she caught them playing video games in class, this traumatized me ALOT . And there was this 1 time that she made our class line up outside by the stairs for entering without her permission even though her rule states that there has to be at least 1 teacher in the classroom but there was 1 teacher in the classroom before we entered. Basically, the whole class got shouted and yelled at...
Our teacher in 5th class told us that AIDS was God's punishment for gays, and that you were guaranteed a slow and painful death if you got it

This was the early 2000s like
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