what was your favourite childhood car?

I’ll see your electric windows and raise you my uncles car with electric windows and no window frame on the door.

Mid to late eighties. No idea what the car was but I thought it was the coolest thing ever!
Odds on it was an Opel Manta - they were a big rally car at the time too

The door...

They were a real cult car - especially among Nordie boy-racers, who could much more easily afford the,

Therapy? even released a single :
BPT, the more I think about it the more I think it might have been a Citroen, something like the XM. Has the frameless doors, electric windows, and the floating suspension system they had.. pretty striking rear end too!

I still can’t figure out the America link to that car I have in my mind though!
A red ford capri belonging to a ...frankly certifiable Englishman my dad used to work for occasionally.
He made me drive it round the headlands near Toe head when I was about 13 cause he wanted to swim across.

The car looked like it had a ghillie suit on by the time I got there I spent so much of the drive rubbing the ditches with it :D
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