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Season one of Faded Out which focuses on the Johnny Gosch case and the potential links to the Franklin scandal.
John David Gosch (born November 12, 1969; disappeared September 5, 1982) was a paperboy in West Des Moines, Iowa, who disappeared without a trace between 6 and 7 a.m. on September 5, 1982. He is presumed to have been kidnapped. As of 2020, there have been no arrests made and the case is now considered cold, but remains open.

His mother, Noreen Gosch, claimed that Johnny escaped from his captors and visited her with an unidentified man in March 1997. She claimed that her son told her that he had been the victim of a pedophile organization and had been cast aside when he was too old[1] but subsequently feared for his life and lived under an assumed identity, feeling it was not safe to return home.

Gosch's father, John, divorced from Noreen since 1993, has publicly stated that he is not sure whether or not such a visit actually occurred.[2] Authorities have not located Gosch or confirmed Noreen Gosch's account, and his fate continues to be the subject of speculation, conspiracy theories, and dispute.
tell me a story with eddie lenihan

top, top seanachaí stuff. i love the man as much as he scared me every samhain on the telly telling stories about the púca and all the rest. i’ve bought some of his folklore books for my children. legend!

shane’s brilliant podcast.

he’s been going about a year now. a comedian in the very early stages. the poor fella only started his podcast when the pandemic began but tbf to him he’s managed to get enough material going for a podcast every week which must be tough. i enjoy it though.
Said it before, but the Sammy the bull podcast Our Thing on you tube is excellent. More like a documentary than a podcast.

The guy might be a mass murderer, but he tells a damn good story too.
Anyone been listening to reply all?

They've been hit with some sort of scandal lately. I'm not sure what has gone on.

Gimlet also produce Heavyweight which finds the story in the mundane.
"The Witness, in his own words"

The story of Joseph O Callaghan, the youngest person to enter the witness protection programe in Ireland having given evidence against Brian Kenny.

Very disturbing to listen to, he was basically a slave for Kenny for years, but its a really well put together story.
Brian Gallagher Plus Guests
City Limits, Coburg St.

18th May 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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Colm Murphy

St. Peters Cork, Today @ 10am

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