What podcast are you listening to right now?


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I'm currently listening to "My favourite Murder" - murder/comedy combination by two American women, Karen Kilgarriff and Georgia Hardstark.

Next on my list is "West Cork", the Ian Bailey one - anyone listened to it?

Generally I have an interest in crime (surprising I know!) so I have listened to and enjoyed both Serial series, Dirty John and S- town.

I listen to the doc on one podcast a lot and also dip in and out of This American Life.

So, give me ideas and recommendations people...
Obviously not crime but I enjoy Bill Burr for his ramblings and Joe Rogan is entertaining although I might disagree with a lot of his views.

Bill Burr and Second captains are the only podcasts I listen to. Can't stand Joe Rogan the guy is a major douchebag.

Somebody recommended me Seriel and my dad wrote a porno. Both absolute aids.
Enjoyed West Cork. Currently listening to Our Fake History and Mafia. The Donnie Brasco episodes were excellent.

I can't really listen to Bill Burr for too long. He tends to fake laugh to fill time. It reminds me of this:

I'd like Joe Rogan's podcast if he went on about how great weed was a little more often. I don't think he goes on enough about how great weed is.

Enjoyed the first Serial. The second one was brutal.
doughboys is my current favey. a comedic chain restaurant review pod. dripping with americana - just how I like it.

I do keep returning to Doug Stanhope and comedy bang bang. I have gone off bill burr and 2 dope queens.

Adam Buxton's one can be good sometimes but boring others.
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