what book you reading at the moment? (incl poll)

Do you like to read books

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Actually looked him up, no rogue at all disgraceful.
The programme that was on TG4 (Fiorscéal perhaps?) I saw during lockdown and it was repeated fairly recently so is probably still on the TG4 Player. His death was an unfortunate miscalculation by him. His arch enemy was pointing a musket at him from a long distance and he sat on his horse facing him.

"He'll never hit me from that distance".

He was wrong!

* edited to add that it's on the TG4 Player under the name "Scéalta Grá na hEireann" and is actually a story of her poem rather than him.
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"Drive your plough over the bones of the dead"

It was huge in poland apparently and got a translation a few years ago.

Excellent read. A bit of a mystery/whodunnit centred on a batchy auld wan but that doesn't do it any justice

I went out of my way to read more fiction in 2022 and this was the pick of em i reckon.
Just finished April in Spain by John Banville. Has its moments but nowhere near as good as Snow.

Strafford is in it again but has only a minor role and it kind of jumps around but it could probably make an interesting film.

Just started Joseph Kellermann 'City of the Dead'.

So far it seems very good and beautifully written.
From what I can gather it's a story from the perspective of a Fig Tree. Reviews are good and apparently the Audio book on it is narrated very well with different voices etc.
forgot to mention, I read a book about prehistory by an archeologist and anthropologist called 'The Origin of Everything'. It talks about how what Europeans considered 'primitive' societies were often more sophisticated and claims that Native American beliefs about liberty and equality may have influenced the French Revolution.

Worth a read if you're interested in prehistory.
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That book haunted me. Excellent but very grim.

Reading "Lucy by the sea" by Elizabeth Strout at the moment. Interesting to see a depiction of the early days of covid. It seems surreal, even from this juncture.
One of my friends wrote a poetry book during lockdown. It's strange for me, too, reading it as the seasons in his life pass by.

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