what book you reading at the moment? (incl poll)

Do you like to read books

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MAybe she did. But the point of the book is how it's happening to most of us. The author interviewed the world's recognised expert on will power, and he felt like it was happening to him too.
Sport, fishing, Dick Francis books were my go to way back when. There are too many distractions now for this generation with social media etc flooding their heads with junk that doesn't really matter. Trying to keep up must be exhausting.
I fear for their future mental health.
Have to admit as well my reading has taken a back seat lately. I blame social media as well or games online. I play online Scrabble every day. Multiple players and I could stay at it for as long as I can.

There was a time I would go from one book to the other, now I take ages to get through a book if it doesn't hold my interest enough.

Although 'Spare' saw me back into that mode. Very few books these days are unput downable.🙁

Donald Trump

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Reading more of stolen focus and its actually insane what the tech companies are doing. Basically, they want to hack your attention, and as we all know is a quirk of human nature we stay focused more if we're angry.

So they feed us lots of it, and then we spend even more time on these sites either digesting more rage inducing algorithms or arguing about it, failing to find any common ground and disappearing down more and more rabbit holes.

I'm sure most readers on here are somewhat aware of this, and I'm probably not doing it justice here but the author paints a scarey picture. These companies know it too, but their business model depends on you focusing more and more on their products, so they continue doing it.

Lots of them don't let their own kids on the sites they design.

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