what book you reading at the moment? (incl poll)

Do you like to read books

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i read a couple of books simultaneously...one for each type of situation

reading some book about the origin of zero, for when i'm too tired to read a decent book (cos that book is pretty shit but easy reading)

reading Popes "epistles and satires" for when i'm in transit (tube, train, bus), cos it's small and fits in my coat pocket

reading james joyces Ulysses at weekends, cos it requires a bit of effort. plus am stuck on that chapter about the birth in that hospital...and i refuse to ask for help...so am wading through it.
A Question of Integrity by Susan Howatch, fantastic. I read it every couple of months and still find it gripping as i did the first time i read it. I'd recommend it to everyone.
The Complete Stone Roses
The Oliver Plunkett, Oliver Plunkett St.

1st Aug 2024 @ 8:00 pm
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Ciaran Quigley

Seventy Seven, Tomorrow @ 9:30pm

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