Went up a mountain yesterday..


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I recommend it. Good for the soul.



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Excellent pic. Nothing like getting to the top of a rock. I'll be hitting Galtee Mor a few times over the summer.

I've never been so thats on my list.

Going to do Purple Mountain in 2 weeks first and then I'll look for a hike up Galtee Mor.


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Stunning. Looking forward to cruising down that way in the future, tough terrain though ain't it.

Mangerton is a hard pull for the first hour and a half but the hike across the ridge over the Punchbowl is easy and heaven on Earth.

But I wished for a lift from SAR a few times on the way up haha.

And if ever you want a hike up, gimme a shout. Well have a few cans at the top. :)

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