US Shooting Part 5763. .

That's never gonna happen and you know it.

If a gun nut who is about to act as a gun nut sees an increase in civilians willing to kill them on the spot it might act as a deterrent.
400 heavily armed cops in military gear were of no use against a determined armed nutcase in Ulvade.

Countries like Ireland and Switzerland amend their Constitution when required as strictly adhering to a 240 piece of parchment document is just plain stupid.

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America. Fuck yeah!
Within minutes, Simpo spotted the suspect, later identified as Guido Herrera, near the Westin Ballroom entrance, within a few feet of hundreds of children. Surveillance video shows Herrera wearing a shirt with the Punisher logo, carrying a rifle in one hand, a Bible in another, and wearing a leather mask with spikes.

Once under arrest, police took inventory of what he carried. Besides the rifle and Bible, they also found 120 rounds of ammunition and a handgun. However, since Herrera didn't actually shoot anyone, he did not commit a felony offense under Texas law.

We are so fucked.

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17th Feb 2023 @ 7:30 pm
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