Training Run Times

Just a word of warning - FFS don't do too much road running.
Do as much running on grass or preferably sand as possible.
I did half a dozen marathons about 20 years ago and ran for years on road and my knees are now fucked.
It's hard to say no when you're in the mood to run for a couple of hours but just try to vary the surface a bit - your body will thank you later in life.
hi carmona. with regards to running in the am or pm, lots of studies have been done. it turns out that most peoples "bio rythms" favour later in the evening, but then again some people are morning people so there is no golden rule.

if your only starting out, you should first, get your foot fall or "gait " analiysed in a sport shop, and then buy the apropraite footware depending on the results. a good pair of asics or mizunos will set you back between 70 and 120 depending on how fashion concious you are.

the second thing i would get is a heart rate monitor, by polar air, which will cost you 50 euros.
if your doing a few k or miles, then your endurance training, and its important to have a handle on your heart rate, and to keep it in the all important fat burning zone {z1/z2}
a rough guide to this is 180, minus your age. this will give you a rough indication as to where your lactate threshold is at. go above this number and you will be burning sugar in the form of muscle glycogen, stay below and you will be stripping / butning the fat off you big time.

and finally, the most important thing when constructing a running programm is, NEVER break the 10% rule. that is to say, if you feel good on your run,and are tempted to run further, dont add on more than 10% in total mileage.

and what stevie and anvil said is golden. try and run on the grass or the track if possible. lots of runs around cork can be found on and

my spelling is shit btw,
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