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  • Hi,

    Are you still involved with the Pavilion ? If so, would you happen to know if "Passenger" (playing Pavilion Friday May 3rd-Sold Out) will be adding a second gig. Just tying to help someone out.
    Hi Stevie,

    my name is John Collins,and I'm a relatively new producer here in Cork.

    I've just had 5 tracks signed by a US label,Soul shift records,and I thought I'd send on my soundcloud link for you to maybe have a listen.

    The signed tracks are called: 'No gain', 'Save me' ,'Key 66', Back into time' , and 'Odyssey'.

    I know you're probably sent loads of stuff,but if you could have a listen it would be great.

    Appreciate it,


    Stevie Steve,

    Hows tricks? Johnny Doobs here. I have some lunatic Welsh hiphop boys hoping to come back over for a tour soon enough if you're interested. Its an Associated Minds tour, but this time it's headlined by a guy called Mudmowth. There'll be four guys on the tour, including PLO (guitar), Jaffa (turntables) and Ralph Rip Shit (vocals). The lads have been getting serious kudos and attention over the last year on BBC Radio 1 and heaps of TV shows. Dizzee Rascal has even been bringing some of the dudes on tour with him recently. I've brought the lads over 3 times now, seriously nice guys with one of the tightest stage shows in hiphop.

    Anyway, I'm running their upcoming Irish tour highlighting the Mudmowth 12" vinyl thats coming out. The lads are looking to do a show in Limerick around the first week of November if yer interested in booking them. They cost 400e a show and require accommodation. If you push this to 450e, you get me as a support DJ as well. Most people seemed pretty blown away last time they played the Liquid Lounge a few years ago. The dates are quite versatile at the moment as I'm only confirming the other locations at the moment as well, but it has to be no later than the first week of November. Holler if yer interested.

    Also, will ya send me on yer email address so I don't have to be sending ya this as a pm. Niiiice one.

    Here's their myspaces....



    ..............And here's some youtubage...........




    wErd Up

    d OO bs
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Pierce Turner
Coughlan's, Douglas St.

17th Oct 2024 @ 7:30 pm
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From Source To Sea

Crawford Art Gallery, Tomorrow @ 10am

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