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Any tips on this season m8s?

Loved the Gulfi Nero last time but it's after getting pricy compared to last time!
Wine has gone up a lot across the board in the last 18 months unfortunately. I reckon I'm paying about 40% more than I was for the same wines which pushes a lot of the nicer ones out of range

Ill take a look at that site later and let you know
The Guigal bog standard Côte du Rhône is on offer here. Can't remember the price, wife picked up a bottle the other day. Entry level obviously, but a fine drop for under a tenner.
That bluffer De Mange don't know what he's on about. The Kanonkop Kadette is 100% Pinotage. Having the second now, admittedly with butternut squash soup and salmon, so hardly the best marriage. Nice enough for the price and a grape that doesn't thrill me.
Just ordered a couple of bottles of Finca Dofí 2021 there. Price seems 'very competitive' as they say. Have never had it before but I'm confident it'll do the job. Been a while since I splashed out on wine.
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