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nope, lol.. I think they throw in a few who will be "entertaining"; heard John (Maitre d') talking about it on Newstalk yesterday,.. I was a diner on it once.. twas some craic.. the amount of wine consumed.. yikes.. Amanda Bunker was the chef.. had no idea.. the food was fab,.. she got 5 stars... RIP Paolo Tullio..

Jaysus you'd want to be after a fair bit of drink alright to give Amanda Bunker 5 stars
Jaysus you'd want to be after a fair bit of drink alright to give Amanda Bunker 5 stars
lol.... yeah I wasn't a fan of hers at all at the time.. hated to admit it but the food was so good.. so I agreed with the judges I have to say.. steak and turbot for mains.. both we divine (there wer 3 of us at our table).. can't rem the starters/deserts.. twas yeeears ago
Found a menu (can't edit my post as I'm a cheap ass)

Era food sounds nice but they're charging dinner prices for lunchtime. I don't want to be dropping €15 for something at lunch.

In other exciting news, the Imperial have announced that Ali Honour (formerly of Ali's kitchen) is their new head chef.

Everything is too expensive now. I'm just eating supermarket food. Cafes can be dear and you're not getting decent portion size either
Yep it's a joke, and quality is slipping

I got a sandwich from O'Briens today and it was the most measly piece of shit you'd ever see. For the princy sum of €6.40 she barely put a teaspoon of chicken into it.

Got sushi in the market earlier in the week, its now €4.80 for a small roll ffs. They cut it into 5 slices instead of 4 so you think you're getting more, but Barty wasn't fooled.
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