The Official Lenient Sentence Thread


Good written grammar is not a part of the job of a lawyer. Not this lawyer anyway.

But thanks for the utterly pointless nitpicking. I hope it made you feel better.
You're you will be to having the last word on it: I know how much it will mean to you.
How about carry a weapon in a robbery 5 years, use it ten years or more. The whole Justice system needs a root and branch overhaul, I will not hold my breath for the present Justice Minister to do anything.
Most of these cases you have defence solicitor saying the defendent had been fishing earlier and had forgotten he still had the knife
in his pocket,
Yeah, and an AK47 to put the fish out of its misery I have seen a case in 2014 i know its a while back and Filipino nurses in Dublin were caught with shabu "methamphetamine" the Irish solicitor told the judge shabu is used in the Philippines like hash here, so the judge gave them a small fine 500 euro I looked it up and low and behold it carries the death penalty .
Imagine these guys taking this shit and giving people medication.
If you read between the lines you are left to wonder was he taking it to keep awake.
I have no idea if he ever came before the courts again, hopefully not for all those depending on him.
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