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Ah it's not luck at this stage. It's been 20 years since Lawwell took over as CEO (he's now chairman) and we haven't won a single knockout tie. At some stage we just have to concede it's a lack of ambition. Our board will make some quip about the Huns and we'll stay a neck ahead of them and they think their job is done.
Idiot Lazio fans.

Celtic aren't Irish, their moron supporters just think that. 😂

Oh look, quelle suprise - Earl promoting lyrics that were found even in Scotland to be sectarian. No surprise he aligns himself with S.S.Nazio.
Class player alright. Without him I think Celtic would have gotten quite a good result. Difference in class being able to bring on a player of his stature.
A game they needed to win and were confident enough to start the game without him!

We brought off james Forrest for MJ.

With two domestic fixtures either side of the Feyenoord game, we need to play the reserves in that game. It's a dead rubber for both of us. A win is more money but we are sat on a pile of that.... spend that on trying to get some coefficient points next season to make it easier to stay in the revamped CL.
Not that it would have affected the result but that was a joke decision by VAR to over-rule the ref's on-pitch decision. Don't think there was a clear and obvious error to award the spotter. By the way, is the yellow card the ref awarded the defender now rescinded?
I think that yellow stood last night. I got the impression it was for dissent. Which is kind of confusing.
Down at HT.

Totally deservedly.

Utterly shite performance. The regression of this team has been stark since we lost Ange. This is as bad as anything Lennon served up. Turgid, slow, nonsense.

In a team of eleven players playing horribly, Yang has stood out as being absolute garbage.
Yep... could easily have been 2-2 before it went 3-1.

I don't like relying on two belters to turn things around... but I'll take it.

Delighted with the turnaround and the 3 points but that was a very very poor first hour.

Oh was excellent.

Tell anyone I said this and I'll deny it.... but MJ was pretty good too. A huge upgrade on the shite Yang was serving up in the first half.
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