The Official Celtic Thread

Might as well start this tonight

Weird team out considering.

Wilson O'Dea McManus Naylor
Nakamura Sno Lennon McGeady
Vennegoor of Hesselink Miller

Can't believe Sno and Miller are in. Miller would want to get the finger out tonight. Jarosik & Gravesen lose out to Sno who hasn't played in ages.
2-0 up at home against the mighty Dunfermline.

Miller after 4 mins, JVoH just a few mins ago. Coasting it. If there was a decent partner for JVoH it would have been 7.
Nice pic from today

How do you think we'll line up in the San Siro? We need to score so I'm hoping we go with either Lennon or Sno but not both. Miller, despite scoring recently, is fucking useless. A 5-man midfield with JVOH upfront is a possibility. Nakamura or McGeady would be more of a goal threat than Kenny Miller, who can be brought on to keep the defence busy if things are going our way. Our pitiful away record in the CL means I'm not confident. It would help our cause if the league wasn't over since October.

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