The Official Celtic Thread

Kyogo became the first player to score at both ends at Celtic Park, Ibrox and Hampden against Sevco.

Rogic got 5/6

Larsson the last to do it against the old Rangers.

The fact that Kyogo managed to do it in his first 6 games against them is nothing short of astounding.

The huns writing to the SFA for clarity on the laws of the game is hilarious. Not alone should any professional sportsman or sports club be aware of the rules under which they play, they themselves have benefited previously a number of times from the implementation of said rule.

The fact that they've written to the SFA about this decision is little more than trying to put pressure on refs not to make decisions against them, and also acts as a deflection after Moleman's failure to win yet another important game, despite having splurged many millions on guys he's not even picking.

The likes of Clyde 1 Super Scoreboard are Comedy Gold at the moment hearing various raging bears barely keeping a lid on their tempers and calling for his instant dismissal. This was the guy we were assured just weeks ago had the measure of Celtic and was going to dominate the Scottish game.
I'm in Fife quite a bit and for some reason have never got across to Cardenden. I'll make a point of it the next time I'm over.

It's only 20 minutes from where I usually stay.

Made a point of going there many many years ago - it's up the slope at towards the back on the left, and kept immaculate. Brought my family over for my 60th and I wanted to bring the eldest to show him the grave but we just ran out of time.

Amazing to read of men walking overnight to attend the funeral sleeping in hedgerows and getting up and travelling on.
Meant to say that with Scales's good performance on Sunday (he wouldn't have been my man of the match but he was imeasurably better than I'd feared he would be) there's talks that if he (as seems likely) he'll lose out to CCV Rocky and Nat Philips he might compete for the left back slot where he played a bit for the Dons when on loan.

I suspect BR will give him some kind of run in the team at Celtic Park for the next home game so he can soak up some adulation, but he'll need to keep his feet on the ground and learn how to better cope with opponents running at him imho.

I hear Duffy (remember him 😱) is likely to start in the Irish team.
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