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Can't believe Celtic got a VAR decision at Castle Greyskull . No Monday morning rant about officiating from Sound_Y expected :lol!:

Edit... He may rant about the 7 mins added ;)
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Definitely a foul for the Rangers "goal". You'd see penalties given all the time in the box for similar. Lennon laughing at Boyd at HT was great.

Some finish for the goal too, no need to do it but do it he did.

Well worth the win in the end.

Also, always worth pointing out Goldson is a buffer of a footballer.
Missed the first half as I was out with the young buck at a hurling match. The way the wireless was going on about the foul on Lagers was like there was some miscarriage of justice. Seemed pretty obvious it was a foul. Thankfully VAR corrected the error by the official. Fantastic finish from Kyogo. He could and should have done better with a couple of other opportunities. Sevco had a lot of the ball but didn't really offer anything at all. It just felt very comfortable.

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