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Out of interest lads, which bookies would you think are absolutely awful and why?

I generally find outside of horse racing, Boyles and 888 are woeful. I mean take the piss woeful, and anyone betting with them, in general, is a complete mug. Their margins on football prop bets like Anytime GS, SOT, bookings et are brutal. Sky are in the main, terrible on this too I find.

Saying that, when I had a brief foray into tennis betting last Wimbledon, Boyles were pretty good, and SKy are very good for darts prop bets, if fairly poor on the 12(and X in the PL).

Also, any hidden gems?
Coral & Ladbrokes - Awful odds. UI pretty clunky. Rarely have decent/interesting specials

Sporting Index ("Odds" - as opposed their spreadbetting business) - can have the odd very attractice price on player props markets

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Bit of a gamble going on RBL for later. Fairly sure they were 4.1 this morning and I'm certain they were 3.8, and 3.5 now (365)

Just read on the Bundesliga thread Nkunku is still out, the Chelsea bastard. Must have forgotten they signed him the way they're spending

Can see him rocking up to the bridge in June and Boehly and Potter going "oh right, we forgot about you. Palace, fancy a loan player?"

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BTW, The Numbers game, I still haven't finished it, not because it's not good, I just can't bloody read like I used to. Listen to loads of podcasts though, so am thinking audio books might be the way to go for me.

Would I recommend the book? Absolutely. The basic premise of the book is that it's still possible to make money in 2023 without being a maths wizard, by a)really knowing your sport, and

B) using that knowledge to account for things the numbers can't or don't.

A further idea is that the traders/number crunchers are so reliant on numbers nowadays that it leaves them even more vulnerable to the type of bettor that knows this.

The author does a really good job of explaining this in the book (quotes the famous Messi Maradona tribute) and if you love gambling like I do (and there's at least 2 here that do) you will definitely gets your 20 quids worth from it.

I ordered the first in the series which is mainly golf betting (which is not my sport at all, but good ideas are good ideas) and I will buy the third in the series when it comes out (it'd going to feature the maths of gambling afaik)

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I like Brighton, as we all know, but odds on away to Leicester?

Not sure.
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Aye, wouldn't back them to win at those odds.

My staking was 10 on Brighton to score O 1.5 at 1.91. The way Brighton attack and Leceister defend I'm kind of hoping the two 5 euro bets on them to score O2.5 (4.33) and O 3.5 (11.0) will be like an each way bet to nothing so to speak. Of course as we all know, you can be made to look pretty silly at times in betting.

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