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Aye, wouldn't back them to win at those odds.

My staking was 10 on Brighton to score O 1.5 at 1.91. The way Brighton attack and Leceister defend I'm kind of hoping the two 5 euro bets on them to score O2.5 (4.33) and O 3.5 (11.0) will be like an each way bet to nothing so to speak. Of course as we all know, you can be made to look pretty silly at times in betting.
I have €45 dutching Leicester win, 1-1 & 1-2 correct score. All equates to a slightly odds-against combination.
Also €5 on Leicester/Brighton HT/FT at 29.0.
Hoping then to get on BTS for €50 at evens within the first 20 minutes.

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Very interesting day at the darts yesterday. For non darts nuts, there was a small tournament in Denmark, but as it was an invitation event all the top players were there.

Peter Wright beat Gerwyn Price 11-5 in the final showing signs he's getting back to his best after a poor year last year due to health problems for him and then his wife.

But it was something Price said in the interview after that was interesting. He said "I don't know what hapened, I had nothing, no fight in me at all"

But it made sense in hindsight. What Price was referring to, I think, was an andrelainin dump. They'd both played in the afternoon and had a break. Price played first in the evening against his good friend and rival Johnny Clayton. It was a brilliant game with all the thing you want in a darts match, some high scoring, great checkouts and a very close game.

Wright, on the other hand had a run of the mill win over Michael Smith, playing some great darts and some average darts.

So all the commentators plumped for Price to win, and gun to head I'd have picked him too. The bookies were betting 1.72 Price, 2.1 Wright. I'd have had Wright a bit closer, but nothing dramatic.

Now Wright was brilliant in the final, and it would have taken Price at his best to give him a game, or beat him. But it's something I'll be looking for in future.

I think that 2.1 on Wright if you factored that in, was a good price.
Great section of this week's Bashcast about using Haaland's scoring antics (and those of the historically highest scoring PL strikers) to more accurately estimate the odds of a player scoring a brace or hat-trick.

Haaland up to 25 goals after 19 games played (City played 20).

If we keeps scoring at this rate and plays every available league minute he'll get 51 goals. What a beast :ROFLMAO:

He's currently evens with Skybet to score 40+. Almost hard to see that not landing if he stays clear of injury.


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3 bets for the masters darts.

Peter Wright. 9/1 365

Looked back to his best last weekend and if that continues he can win anything.

Gary Anderson EW. 80/1 Ladbrokes

Not much more than a hunch. About a decade ago Gary dropped down the rankings to number 20 and we all thought he was gone. But he had shit going on in his life, and once he got over that his form came back and he won loads of titles. He's on record as saying that he hasn't taken darts seriously for the last few years, and he has also said that he would this year. During Covid he got a chance to spend time at home for the first time in 20 years and he liked it. But a commentator said on Saturday he's been practicing seriously since the WC and is reportedly playing brilliantly in practice. If that's true, and he can play like he can, that 80/1 will look silly. Gary Anderson is one of the best darts layers of all time. (I got 100/1 with Ladbrokes with their booster thingy)

Stephen Bunting 125/1 365

An under achiever if ever there was one. But has the talent to be a top player. Am hoping he can continue his good form at the WC

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