The Gaelic Football Thread

Derry sticking with the system after conceding 2 goals either shows that there’s no arguing with Mickey or they really do believe in it. It’ll be interesting to see if it’s still the system next time out.

McGuinness unlocking it (3 times can’t be a fluke) says he’s really good at what he does.
Would anybody bet against Donegal winning the All Ireland?

I watched the first half of Armagh V Down & it was awful stuff. Didn't watch the second half. Donegal should win the Ulster final - by far and away the most difficult provincial championship to win. Donegal will have beaten Derry, Tyrone and Armagh. Donegal will be well battle hardened, come the later stages of the championship.

Just shows what the introduction of a new manager can do.
Leinster Council could learn a lot from this Munster final. None of their games, including the final should be played in Croke Park. Having it in Cusack Park makes it a bit of a novelty and also provides a much better atmosphere. Croke Park should be kept for AI series.
It should have been the Gaelic Grounds but for the road race there. The 12k in Ennis today would have been lost in GG as well. So it's a fluke more so than good management from the Munster Council
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