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Crokes are entitled to everyone’s respect and admiration but if they want peoples affection too as seems to be the case maybe take a look inside.

On one hand wanting to be the biggest brashest club in Ireland with massive showbiz sponsorship launches and all that and on the other hand playing the Beal Bocht at every single opportunity.

Organising games and training in 3/4 of their neighbours catchments and using the “we’re too big for our footprint” line. Then you get the “we’re a small village club like a family” line coming up to every big match. It happened to Kilkerrin-Clonbeirne this year but go and talk to any club in a five mile radius and they’d have lost half a dozen Shane Walshes to them over the years.

They can have no cribs whatsoever that people are having a bit of a snigger at their misfortune here. Couldn’t care less what happens from here on it but the sight of a fat man slipping on a banana skin will never not be funny.
Not to the fat man, it won't.
Not to the fat man, it won't.
This particular fat man has had a loose enough relationship with fair play and the rights of others in pursuit of his own ends over the years right up until the final moment of the final. While the situation has more angles than are all being presented here he clearly broke the rules egregiously and shouldn’t be surprised to find not that many tears being shed for him.


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At least it’s not to do with the Fingallians Under 9 team and the High Court all the same. Which in the scheme of things is far more serious.

Rory Butler ( Cancelled)
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23rd Apr 2023 @ 7:30 pm
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