The English Market appreciation thread


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When I ask myself "what is my favorite place in Cork City?" I generally think of our wonderful English Market.

Any other fans there? I try to go in a few times a week, the buzz is unrivalled and I think the place is just a fantastic microcosm of Cork. The characters, the sounds, the smells, all under one roof.

I'd be hard pressed to choose my top 3 stalls but at the moment it would be

On the Pig's Back
O'Sullivan Poultry
Coffee Central

Any other market fans here? What are YOUR favorite stalls?

There are also a few stalls which I think are shite and they piggy back off the reputation of the market, but I won't name them.

*Braces self for "Cool story bro" responses*

Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

11th Feb 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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Dan O'Keeffe

JJ Walshs, Today @ 9:30pm

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