Stuff that grinds your gears

Settling into a man movie.

Then the love interest comes in.

I fast forwarded most of Breaking Bad so I didn't have to suffer his wife... or that token son who added nothing to the story.

And also his arehole in laws.. and that retard 'yo, mister white' fella.

Other than that it was OK.

All hail Mike.

Handy Run

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Pink Floyd. Although I'm sick of hearing about their new single, and the merch that goes with it.
The Ukraine one? Take it what it's for and don't worry about it. I wouldn't be too quick to jump on Gilmour for opportunism either considering his guitar auction.

Floyd (post Barret) are definitely up there as the GOATs. Dark Side can't be b8 it's as simple as that. The Wall when you're in the mood is another masterpiece.

But stick me on a desert island with only 3 albums (no compilations allowed) and The Wall loses out to Appetite and Blood Sugar


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Irish Hotels.

After 2 years of being supported by local people they have thrown up their prices because the Yanks are back.

Imagine if pubs could start charging more just because one period is busier? Oh there's a good crowd in tonight, I'll put a few euro on a pint.

Hotels are a fucking disgrace with their pricing IMO and they'll get no sympathy from me next time they start moaning and looking for supports.

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