Sinn Fein are not a Normal Political Party

He has done well financially out of politics, If MLMD came out and said she has done very well financially from politics,
There wouldnt be any talk about Ross chapter on this,

Can you tell us when was the last time Micheal Martin came out and said he has done very well financially from politics?

In fact, I seem to recall he had to be shamed after years and years, to eventually give up his keeping a reserved teachers place.
But for someone who had a much more modest upbringing he now has a big 4 bed house in Silver Manor, an apartment in dublin (doubt MLMD has one), and a holiday home in Courtmacsherry - or are you going to say the guy with the more modest upbringing doesn't really have them, they all belong to his wife :ROFLMAO:
Silver Manor...

Nice houses but hardly D4 ( or Millionaires Row )

Apartment in Dublin

Would you want the country run by a lad from Cork working in Dublin 40 years and still renting
Why would Shane Ross be writing a biography about MLMD? Is that something former politicians tend to do? "I've not managed to get re-elected, oh I know what I'll do, I'll write an unauthorised biography about the leader of a party I once called for to be shut down because there's loads of clowns out there who'll lap that kinda sh*t up".
"And you never know, I might even get a spot on the Late Late (because RTE do have form for talking about Sinn Fein in great detail when there's nobody there from SF to defend themselves"

So you are still not going to answer the question just more whataboutery.
Why would Ross be questioning about other TD's money in a biography about LouLou?
The timing of this is awful for SF. Just as things start to improve in the UK and that distraction vanishes, they are plunged into their own crisis.

Can't see Mary Lou lasting the week tbh. Very concerning times.
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