Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

Gaa say the call for grounds to be made
available for refugees comes at a very busy time with club match schedule very busy,

I'd say the Green lad O' Gorman who made the request thought the GAA was wrapped up for the year after the AI finals. He doesn't strike me as a lad that would be heading out on a Tuesday night hoping to get 20 minutes on the pitch with the local Junior B team!!

Hank Scorpio

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Amnesty International is now trying to blame the Ukrainians for the Russian Bombing of Ukrainian schools and hospitals--what a shower of pricks!

Zelensky to Amnesty International: ‘You can’t shift responsibility from aggressor to victim.’ "Today we saw an Amnesty International report that attempts to amnesty a terrorist state and shift responsibility from the aggressor to its victim," Zelensky said.



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That's not the only thing coming here, the first of the 3 Aer Lingus A320's that Smartavia in Russia were supposed to be getting from Airbus arrived into Shannon yesterday for some modifications and will be going into the fleet next week

Meanwhile these lads have more of their planes :


an liathroid beag

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How dare the Ukrainian's place their cities and towns in the way of the advancing Russian army and missiles.
Amnesty team go to the Ukraine to investigate Russian atrocities and blame the Ukrainians for Russian attacks on their schools and hospitals. Previous Amnesty reports castigated the Ukrainians for lagging on LBGT issues Perhaps the Ukrainians should replace their flag with the LBGT flag to get a positive response from Amnesty. :rolleyes:

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