Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

russia: You can stick the ICC warrant you know where, we are working on identifying the individuals behind this ruling

also russia:


and they also sent one of the putin (do not know which model is it but the face mask is not best fitted, half blind will spot that this is not the same guy :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:)


Cher looks more realistic if you ask me xDDDD
Didn’t Cheney sell his house in Texas and re-register his driving license and voter registration to Wyoming before running for VP.12th amendment to constitution or something or other.
Cheney did sell, but not for that reason. There’s no actual law against two people from the same state running together.
Sorry m8 but that look like Putin to me.

- different hair line
- "mask" face
- putler has right piece of mouth down
- he apparently has no issues with the right hand he was struggling with last months and waves it like crazy on the videos
- different security lads
- he is quite high for his 160cm

There is a lot, look for the videos.

No, he "looks like" but this is not him.
Everyone is waiting for Ukrainian counter attack soon (the weather plus supplies and training). No one (sane) is thinking about orcish new attack, after all they lost thousands troops trying to seize tiny Bakhmut for months and the replenish rate is lower than loses they suffer. So this news can give some fuel to further speculation:

Mykhailo Zabrodsky - former commander of the Ukrainian Air Force, lieutenant general and Hero of Ukraine. On March 17, 2023, he resigned from the MP's mandate to take the position of Deputy Zaluzny. Who is he? He commanded the 95th Air Assault Brigade during the fighting in Donbass. And now the key information. In early August 2014, the 95th Air Assault Brigade conducted the largest and longest armored raid behind the front line in military history. Two mechanized infantry battalions, one tank battalion and the 1st self-propelled gun battalion took part in the rally. The brigade attacked along several axes and broke through the thin line of defense of the separatists. Then it made a deep penetration along the border with Russia, two separatist republics. On the way, she destroyed Russian tanks and artillery. This action resulted in the liberation of a whole series of surrounded Ukrainian garrisons from the encirclement. After traveling 450 km. The brigade returned to its starting point, i.e. to Sloviansk. It brought with it numerous Russian tanks and heavy artillery units. In other words, the Ukrainian version of Patton has just become Zaluzny's deputy and I assume that he will lead the "tank mate" in the counteroffensive.


Ps. On the military boards I follow, there is a discussion already for couple of weeks actually suggesting similar raid but now with an option to do it using russian neighbouring republics.

PPS. Some bad arse photo. ;)
Xi is playing politics big time. He's fresh from brokering a Saudi-Iran deal and wants to be seen as a real alternative world leader to POTUS.

But it's all a cynical subterfuge

Xi will buy cheap Hydro Carbons just like that Modi Rat but he's not getting into a trade war with Uncle Sam.

Dictators look after No 1

Vlads trip to Muriupol is a grotesque act of a monster. Bit like if Assad toured around Allepo, glorifying the obscene genocide.
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