Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

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Sounds like lots of MIGs coming to Ukraine for the upcoming offensive.

What would their role be in an offensive? I assume artillery woykd soften up the orcs first. Is air support different in that it's more "real time" on the spot support for infantry?
UA has been testing the US JDAM bomb being dropped from a Mig 29. Tests were successful this week. These JDAM kits turn ordinary bombs into smart bombs. The tests worked.
JDAMS can be dropped from 80kms away from a target and are ten times more powerful than a HIMARS missile.
Test succeeds, then UA gets lots of Mig 29s.



Just saw a really great interview on Times Radio with Ua soldier and UTube blogger, Operator Starsky.

Great insight into Ua mind set.

He said the the original invading army of orcs has been destroyed. The Ru army now is ill trained and ill equipped conscripts with zero motivation to fight

The Ua army is the exact opposite and when this conflict moves onto high tech, control & command, mobile warfare there can only be one winner

Seems to make sense and the missing pieces of the jigsaw- fighter jets are on their way.

Vlad knows he's totally fucked so expect the rhetoric to get even more hysterical
I think it’s time to tell Turkey that in times of war it needs to pick a side, and allow the Gerald R Ford into the Black Sea. Add in a couple of submarine escorts and there’s no way the Russians will try what they did with the MQ-9 again.

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