Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

The Boris Johnson interview with that freak on CNN revealed a lot ……

Sounds like Germany originally was sceptical in taking on Russia in the way the US and UK wanted. As Boris said, Germany had ‘sound economic reasons’. They weren’t keen on a long war which would impact their heavy industry and destroy their economy. Germany thought it’d be better to avoid an economic and humanitarian disaster. That, it’d be better to give Russia what it wanted (Ukraine neutrality, not enter NATO, and recognition of Crimea and the two republics) and that’d be the end of it and everyone could go back to how things were.

However the US and UK leaned heavily on Germany saying this is our big chance for a quick regime change in Moscow. We’ll arm Ukraine to the teeth, we’ll sanction the Russians to oblivion. We’ll get protests going In Moscow, put pressure on Putin, and get our overthrow. It’ll all be over in a month and it will end end on our terms. It’ll allow us to go in and break it up, and pillage the place. We will be able to get all the energy and commodities we want at an even cheaper rate than we’re getting them now. They (US / UK) convinced Germany to sign up for what they thought would be a short war of a couple of months at most.

It’s likely after 6 or 7 months of this dragging on Germany went back to US/UK saying we want out. You promised us a quick war, shock & awe sanctions ……. and regime change in Moscow. We’re no nearer any of that. Instead, our economy in Germany is the toilet and we’re becoming more deindustrialised with every passing month. Because of all of that we’re pulling out of this …..

That was the point where (you guessed it) the US/UK decided to blow up NS1 & 2 pipelines.

A very revealing interview ….
I love a good fictional short story.

German "deindustrializing" every day. That's a big word you like to throw around. You should look up what it means. And you're back on the NATO invasion of Russia theme again. Weak.

Did you keep this all in stock or make it up fresh? Not really one of your best efforts.

While I have your attention, look up the word neocon too. It's another word you like to toss around. It's so.......2000, don't you think? All the cool kids have moved on. Of course, to a Stalinist like you it must look bleeding edge....
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Let America get off the hook for its devastating shock and Awe in Iraq and Israeli ethnic cleansing in Palestine but but Russia is mean and not being nice. I'd like to see both US and Israel in the Hague for their crimes but posters like you don't really give a damn.
Oh I do give a damn. The US AND Israel should be prosecuted for these crimes.

But you’re posting simply to take the heat off of Russia. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it. Because you never suggest that Russia is guilty of war crimes. You’re a hypocritical Putin loving stooge.
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