Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

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Putin fired another commander in Ukraine
(he lasted 15 days) and decided to personally lead the troops into the abyss.


one made it to the Odesa port (the very same Russians said they will not attack because they are not going to disturb transfer of the grain ;) ):


Some mobilized gentlemen must be exhausted on the way to the new base:



So this is the free referendum ;)

it says:
"In Vasilyevka in Zaporozhye the military detains those who tried to vote "against" in the "referendum" on joining the Russian Federation.
Local residents told ASTRA.
"Two women go from house to house with a portable ballot box and ballots. They are accompanied by 5 armed soldiers. People cross out 'yes' as the machines are pointed at them. Those who tried to protest or oppose are taken away," Vasilievka residents who have been living under occupation for more than six months share with ASTRA."


an important update, one user was super excited when the former Ambassador was called from his post ;)


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the last for today... but it was kinda busy... I just at the last 6 pages out of 70 I already went through ;)


New "Free Belarussian" battalion is formed:


Russia has better equipment than NATO and F35 are overpaid unusable products of the marketing - remember!


Our Russian trolls love to mentione UN documents, so here it is:


So, I am sorry I sometimes get triggered by those fellas...






That would be all for now from me. Enjoy reading, I invite to discussion ;)
There is a lot more, but I skipped common topics covered in main outlets, I skipped too specific military news, I skipped doubles. I would like to ask if someone is specifically interested in any aspect of the wr, let me know on PM so I will keep my eyes peeled for this when going through my sources.

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Ah, the poor lads are still going with defectors on full, wagons have been circled, anyone else notice that the more Bolek gets triggered the more his posts expand exponentially? hilarious to watch.

I see you guys are still clueless about verifying all these "accurate" and "believable" Twitter posts, let's look at an example or two:

If you had even bothered to read the replies to that muppet's tweet, you'd have already known it was debunked, it's a photo from over two years ago, but guess you wanted to post it as fast as possible without checking. :lol!:

Old Rifles2.jpg

Even poor Swanie was fooled by the Twitter trolls/bots and i thought you claimed to have served in the Military.

DPR Forces.jpg

Okay, that's enough pwnage for you guys, you still have to show your faces here to give us all a good laugh.

First day of the referendum seemed to have gone ok, look at all these people voting under duress and at the barrel of a gun.

Luckily there's over a hundred independent observers from various countries watching.

Bad boy Berlusconi goes against the grain:

Probably trying to stir it up just before the Italian elections but it'll be fine, Ursula Van Der Liar said if the result doesn't go the way the EU wants, they have "tools" in place.

Unelected officials doing undemocratic things? when has the EU ever forced one of its members to do another vote until it got the result it needed, anyone know?

Oh dear, hackers appear to have released secret US Documents between them and Ukraine detailing intel on equipment placements.

Some Chechens seem happy to get mobilised

I would have though Zelenskyy would be happy to have a human rights organisation come investigate and verify his "claims" of mass graves in Izyum, nothing to hide surely?

Amnesty Denied Access to Izyum.jpg

Just to give poor Bolek ease of mind and relief his triggering, relax to a nice, calm, soothing analysis of the past day or two events.


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