Russia's unjustifiable war of aggression in Ukraine

Putin trying to mobilise 1 million to fight....wouldn't it be a thing if 1 million mobilised and walked on Moscow instead? it the million mobilisation....rekindle the spirit of 1917....


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Have you seen the price of the flights out of Moscow? With a USD based avg weekly income of $250 per week and flights ranging from $5000-$12000 there's a limit on who can afford.

Per MONTH not week ;)

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Nah, he triggered me there slightly. I cleared it up already, just left the ones with impressions on ;)

Let me do some debunking now, then later updates from last 24 hours.
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Guys, guys what's happening? all these stories of queues at Russian borders with people "fleeing" are all getting debunked!!

Surely the posters on here verify their "information" first to avoid posting such misinformation. :lol!:

One example, the Finnish border:

even the has the story

LOL, I love your 'debunking' of the topic only you created. Where did we post that the queues are 35km long? Now you are trying to say this is all fake based on your imaginary information which you bravely debunked? Oh my... It is a prime example of Russian thinking: "to create a problem which never existed, which can be bravely resolved".

All is good though, at least i got a good laugh from the past pages, people getting triggered left, right and centre, going into full damage control mode, Bolek throwing hissy fits and personally attacking and insulting posters, now we all know what he's really like.

Mate, you are lacking understanding the concept of the "damage control" - seriously...

- it is Russian reputation in pieces.
- it is Russian credibility which does not exist and the fake news from shady portals you use to impose your propaganda, those are Russian words which mean nothing to anyone with brain.

Hahahaha great try with "we all know what he's really like", I shared tear buddy hahahaha. Grab the video again, for the clarity :)

You should take a few Iodine pills Bolek...

Let us start with safety warning:
Taking potassium iodide prophylactically on your own is discouraged by doctors and specialists. This is different to Iodine!
Do not try to inhale or eat Iodine, it is ONLY used to cleaning skin around the wounds!

What a shocking news Reuters learnt! They found that Poland has safety procedures in place as well as ensures to renew supply of the medicine and also on policy advising of availability of those for free. This must be really a shocker for someone like you, that someone gives medicine for free, does not hide it, and also ensures it is up to date.
I am laughing more as this topic decimated Russian fake troll accounts in Poland, as only trolls were publishing this bullshit and on the Ministry's site this document was hanging:

As part of emergency management and civil protection activities, in connection with media reports of fighting in the area of the Zaporizhzhya Nuclear Power Plant, potassium iodide tablets were handed over to the district fire stations of the State Fire Service last week. This is standard procedure, as stipulated by law and used in case of a possible radiation emergency.

At the same time, we would like to inform you that there is no such threat at the moment, and the situation is being continuously monitored by the Polish Atomic Energy Agency. The services responsible for national security are on constant alert, and an appropriate amount of potassium iodide is secured for every citizen of Poland.

It should be emphasized that prophylactic intake of potassium iodide on one's own is advised against by doctors and specialists.

and you are so dumb, you do not even know what are you commenting on...

At least the Yanks are getting what they wanted, economic collapse of the EU and European manufacturers transferring to the US

Where does it say 'economic collapse'? No, manufacturers are transferring, but production (operations) is being transferred.

Poor old BoJo in his first speech since resigning as PM makes the ultimate Freudian slip, or maybe just admitting who his real hero is. :lol!:

You mixed up this thread with Daily Mail or similar... Who cares?

Here guys, if you feel triggered or stressed out, just watch Uncle Tucker.

Right... your guru apparently. No thanks.

Main terminal building at Moscow's Sheremetyevo airport yesterday, care to explain the lack of thousands of people fleeing?

View attachment 15251

Sheremetyevo operates mostly on national routes, there are some international destinations but sold out or with Visas required. You probably would try to run away from Russia taking a flight to Vladivostok xD
I was going to make an extra step and check when the picture was taken based on info displayed on the table but... it is in Chinese...


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Sheremetyevo operates mostly on national routes, there are some international destinations but sold out or with Visas required. You probably would try to run away from Russia taking a flight to Vladivostok xD
I was going to make an extra step and check when the picture was taken based on info displayed on the table but... it is in Chinese...
What a flaking. :lol!:


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The summary of recent counter (this channel is extremely good!):

Tomorrow should be anew one about mobilization (currently not in English)


A nice example of the well prepared PsyOp against orcs. The bait already been taken, this fake list is already been distributed amongst Russians ;)

The list is allegedly fake, but data to use it and the numbers are correct - just list never existed (in that form). So this is 'a real fake list which never existed but could with large probability exists'. LOL


There are many videos showing the creme de la creme of Russia going to support their effort in the 'special operation':


Allegedly on the way to the Russian-Kazakh border crossing on the Russian side:



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Have a look how honest and safe from manipulation those so-called referenda's are xD
Everyone can grab a voting card, everyone gets one, no one is bothered to check if they are entitled. They are not even trying to act as if it is legit xD

People refused to go to the polling stations so the stations decided to come to them xD


Uzbekistan officially stopped processing Russian-system MIR cards. Those were allowing to bypass the Western sanctions.

It is not only Uzbezkistan cancelling MIR cards.


Here is how the voting look-alike, do not worry if you are not sure how to vote, nice lady when taking your details will send a helpful cameraman who will help you to mark the right spot and document what you picked :ROFLMAO:

Quality Control at its best - Russian standard!


and now some more on A weapons from one of the users from specialists forum. The answer is about possibility of attacking Poland (when it says 'us' it is for striking Poland, a EU member and NATO member) by Russians using tactical nuclear weapons.

Well, let's take a look at these Russian nuclear warheads.

As you know, A-weapons are generally divided into strategic and tactical. They are not interchangeable. If they use nuclear weapons, it is the one from the tactical pool.

Data per FAS as of February 25, 2022:

ABM/Air/Coastal Defence:

S-300/S-400 - 290 pieces x 1kt (these are small warheads to counter incoming aircraft/missiles/air objects)
53T6 Gazelle - 68 pieces x 10 kt (anti-aircraft system to defend Moscow, we detonate the warhead over Moscow preventing strategic missiles from hitting it)
SSC-1B Redut - 4 pieces x 350 kt (anti-ship weapons, for aircraft carriers and invasion fleet)
SSC-5 Onyx - 25 pieces x 10 kt (anti-ship)

Attention - it will not reach us!!!


aviation armament (T-22, Su24/34) - 500 pieces, power various - bombs, missiles

Attention - it will reach us only by plane, which means it will not reach us!!!


SS-26 Iskander-M - 70 pieces x 10-100 kt
SSC-8 9M729 Iskander-K - 20 pieces x 10-100 kt

Note - it will reach us (Iskander-M from Kaliningrad, Iskander-K maybe even from Russia, how many missiles they have left is nobody knows, it can be fought in flight. The most dangerous thing they have.


Ships - 935 pieces, different power, opl missiles, torpedoes, mines, anti-ship missiles, winged.

Note - dependent on the starting position of the fleet, rather to fight the US Navy, mainly defensive, effective today can only be Calibers, it can be fought.

A total of 1912 tactical warheads.

The conclusion is that tactical weapons will not cause a nuclear conflagration. These weapons were subject to various restrictions, treaties and prohibitions. As a result, they are mostly defensive or old. The same is true of the carriers I didn't list (the numbers are for warheads).

The other point is not to complain that Poland is buying Patriots from bad America. You can see how it was a thoughtful purchase and how much PL miss it now. Our PAC-3MSEs have the capability to fight Iskanders, winged missiles, winged missile carriers. There's been a lot of bullshit about it, and it would be useful to have it now.

Generally they would have a problem to attack Warsaw effectively. It might be easier with Ukraine, but it's a limited power and limited capabilities. You can't make the end of the world with tactical nuclear weapons. I think a well thought out retaliatory attack with radiological weapons would have more effect than these tactical crap.

How many dirty bombs placed there by terrorists reluctant to the Putin autocracy are currently stashed in Moscow is anyone's guess. And all it takes is one and the city will have to be fenced off with a fence for 50 years.
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Some more of the Russian elite on the way to the army captured on video:

the wind there must be dramatic!


Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte:
"The war started in 2014. It would be incomprehensible to me if we let in people for whom war was normal when they watched it on TV, but became abnormal when the government called them in."

"Saving all Russian citizens from mobilization is probably not the responsibility of Lithuania and other neighboring countries."


This is getting better and better:

In the Volgograd region, a 63-year-old pensioner with diabetes and cerebral ischemia was mobilized - "Baza"

*swapped the TT to include the man himself saying what happened ;)


One of the released POWS from Azov is the famous Azov photographer! Hooray!

It says:
Hello my beloved Twitter, glad to be with you again , glad to be in Ukraine again

He did some damn good photos in the past! Worth following!



Meanwhile in the air:





Some info first hand on mobilization:




nothing to add here ;)

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Not many is a fan of Tucker and Fox news 'news', but maybe there are some fans of the Late Show and Stephen Colbert? (is this why boner posted Tucker earlier?)


Russian-Georgian crossing from today morning (well not 35 km - debunked!):


And this is the standoff on the duodenum of an inquisitive consumer of information provided by the Russian Ministry of Defense. The consumer notes that the shooting down of 89 Ukrainian Su-25s is strange, since Ukraine had 49 of them before the war (including monuments). How is that possible? There can be only one explanation: the Secret Underground Su-25 Factory. no kidding! Check it out for yourself. The author is a respected source of information, he has 509,000 followers on Telegram (have you ever heard about those respected channels on telegram with hundreds of thousands followers already?), which of course is hardly surprising. I would watch him myself if only I had Telegram.

By the way, such a justification allows one to keep faith in the Ministry of Defense's announcements, but nevertheless, it may also be a bit disturbing. And what if Ukraine has other secret factories? Tanks are surely being made underground somewhere, HIMARS are also in abundance, so what on earth else can they produce there? And what if aircraft carriers?




You hear the man!


"Putin was forced by the Russian people, by one party, by his ministers to come up with this special operation" - Berlusconi on RAI tv.


poor Vladimir, he did all of that because the nation and the party were calling!
Berlusconi forgot to add: "we know each other well, we have the same plastic surgeon, plus we're in the same Bunga-Bunga acrobatics club, he's not a bad guy".



This is what Russians were doing to Ukrainian POWs requiring medical attention:

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