Russell Brand

Why would i defend him? Couldnt give a shit to be honest. Was never a fan of his. Too arty farty for me.

all your right wing buddies are lining up to defend him. did you miss the memo?!

I can just imagine your social media posts doing your white knight shit about it in the hopes of getting laid by some damsel in distress but it never happens becuase you have the nerdy nice guy face that most women are repulsed by.

i'm not much of a social media guy, tbh cane_eY. other than my odd message here.
you are 100% correct on the women though, they find me gross and freakish.
He was a drug addict at the height of his stand up career....the stuff he spoke about...he's wide open for allegations like these. It certainly doesn't look good for him.

I think he was clean of hard drugs by the time his career took of. As I understand it he quit drugs , his career took off and he replaced drugs with sex.
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