Russell Brand

I wasn't aware Katherine Ryan confirmed it was him. Yes she said there is a comedian who is a predator or something along those lines, but she didn't say it was him. People might be assuming that's who she means, which may be correct, or there could be more than one comedian who women need to be careful of.
Ryan and Brand had some sort of NDA in place or legal agreement. I'm guessing due to the nature and secrecy the producers may not not have known when adding host panels for Roast Battle.
First they came for Alex Jones, now Russell Brand, who's next?
The press and TV go after lots of people on the public eye. If you talk shit on stage about sex and women, chances are, someone will do a bit of digging. It is also more likely to stick if what you are saying is fairly over the line. In other words, I don't think the press were out to get him more than your average footballer, actor or politician.
In more recent years consent has definitely been highlighted as a serious issue. Back in the 90's (when I was young) a man saying he got someone drunk and he got the ride was accepted pretty widespread. Or words or actions to that effect. So yes, as times move on your do realise what happened in the past was really not okay. His jokes may have gone over people's heads in a way at the time, but watching them now, I think a lot of people would find them pretty unfunny.

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