Public Transport Spreads Disease

Under the Cloak of Covid Recovery many premises have done a Land Grab. But this thread is about the Health Danger caused by Public Transport.
The notion of Electric Vehicles per se is very questionable. The Battery issue has not been solved since the first Electric Car, 1874. Batteries are not sustainable.
Furthermore where is the Electricity to charge such vehicles going to come from? We are close to Power Cuts as is. How much will it cost?
Why are the Car manufacturers all pushing for Hybrids, while non mechanically minded Politicians are all praying Electric.
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Businesses that pay high rates and the public happily sitting outside having food etc in an improved public realm free of noise,pollution and traffic accessible to all.

Just like in other successful small cities
Does paying rates mean that public space and footpaths can be taken over? Princes street is a disgrace.
Does paying rates mean that public space and footpaths can be taken over? Princes street is a disgrace.
If you are a wheelchair user or have a buggy you can forget about the South Mall side of Princes Street.
So much for pedestrianisation, increased accessibility etc etc.
Princess St has been pedestrianised since 1972. Grants from Failte Ireland were provided during the C-19 pandemic and all compliant with fire regulations, planning and disbility planning laws and statutes
RSA figures show that Pedestrian Fatality Rate has doubled. Way to go City Hall!
How many pedestrians were killed by cars in Cork City centre?

The area where "City Hall" is responsible for mostly?

  • Of fatalities, 27% occurred on an urban road* and 73% occurred on a rural road*.

A total of 155 people died in 149 fatal road collisions in 2022 compared to 137 deaths in 124 fatal road collisions in 2021. This represents an increase of 18 deaths or a 13% rise in road fatalities compared to last year*. The figures were published by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) today Sunday 1 January 2022, following an analysis of provisional fatal collision reports from An Garda Síochána.
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