pj coogan show

I wonder will PJ have Tommy Gould on tomorrow to give his balanced and measured response to the budget

He said that Small Micky would be on so guess he'll have Tommy or Mick on for balance albeit I'd say he's had the latter two on 150 times in the past year and you could count on one hand the number of times Colm Burke or O' Sullivan have been on!!
PJ mentioned to concrete block levy and used an example of two neighbours going halfs on a new garden wall,
He mentioned the "two lads, " I am now reporting PJ for sexism,
Neilox flogging some drink spiking check device for freshers week. It turned out in a survey that most girls drinks had been spiked with....................vodka

Girls get themselves into dreadful States through drink and then claim they've been spiked

You should see the cut of some trying to get into bars and nightclubs in the evening. Many can't even stand

They should learn to drink responsibly and to dress sensibly.
Big Country
Cyprus Avenue, Caroline St.

28th Sep 2024 @ 7:00 pm
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Darren Nash

Cantys, Tomorrow @ 6pm

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