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Were all the buzz words used?
I tuned in for one minute and turned it off again. He read out a text from Ted Tynan about safe places for women, and then said they were going to be discussing phone alerts to keep women safe, or something like that.

I'd imagine he's had a few of the usual suspects on. Holly Cairns is in the Echo going on about how we need to educate our boys. Nauseating stuff.

Anyway I tuned out. If I see "She went for a run" pop up one more time then I might hit the bottle early.
Everybody knows it's the Queen Bee who makes decisions in Peej's life, not Peej.


I'd say decision to holiday abroad this year is an example.
After early spell of being covid-denier (more chance of being hit by a bus, etc) Peej has been commendably promoting following the science and a cautious approach. He ripped VFI reps to shreds when they were pushing for more restrictions to be lifted sooner.

Granted he wasn't averse to bit of populist rabble rousing, allowing teachers a free voice when they wanted vaccine priority or indulging MLMD to state unchallenged, that her policy has always been to follow NPHET advice at all times, when only short few months earlier she was blasting them for not allowing "wet pubs" to open.

Generally though, he has been solid in taking cautious approach, dismissing the cranks and following the science. Hence, I doubt it was Peej who said "let's all head to Lanza in the summer" as latest variant of disease was hitting 20k+ here.
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