Official NFL Thread 2021/2022


Regular season
Start date September 9 2021

Start date January 8-9 2022 (16 game season) or January 15-16 2022 (if 17 game season)

Super Bowl LV

Date February 13 2022
Site SoFi Stadium, Los Angeles

Pro Bowl
Date TBD
Site Allegiant Stadium, Las Vegas

AFC East vs AFC South
AFC North vs AFC West
NFC East vs NFC South
NFC West vs NFC North

AFC East vs NFC South
AFC North vs NFC North
AFC South vs NFC West
AFC West vs NFC East

New season officially starts on Wednesday but legal tampering for free agents will kick off tomorrow.
A great Shez during his playing years but also a great humanitarian off the field.
Only wish him the best

I never cared for the Saints much, not sure why, maybe the uniforms or never really taking to dome teams? But you couldn't but like Brees. The fearless way he played and how he galvanised New Orleans as a city after Katrina.

He gave hope to the shorties, that you didn't have to be 6ft 4in to succeed as a pocket passer. We still see it today with Russell Wilson. 'Too small to play in the League' became 14 years in the League without missing a game. Hats off to the guy.

Only Brady really left from that era who is playing at a high level. Big Ben and Rivers are not the players they were and likely entering their final years.
Belichick spending money like a drunken sailor, blowing through $146 million in the first three hours of free agency. Probably just a co-incidence and absolutely nothing to do with seeing Brady win a Superbowl ring in Tampa Bay :rolleyes:
Darnold being traded to Carolina

Sad, but inevitable.

I loved Darnold coming out of college. The Jets ran a clinic on how not to develop a young QB, but Sam is cuplable too. Regardless of coaching or supporting cast, his level of play last season was terrible. 9 tds 11 interceptions, averaging less than 200 yards a game, missing open receivers, it was a tough watch.

He's still young, 23 and he'll get an opportunity to restart his career with a good coaching set-up in Carolina. Best of luck to him.

And the good thing about the NFL is new hope is always around the corner (just with the Jets it's a very long corner)

And in 23 days time, we'll welcome our new saviour to New York, the 'Mormon Mahomes'. Can't wait, let's fucking go!!!

Who he (excusing my ignorance/lazinesss)?

Don’t those Mormon lads have magic vests or something; he’ll need it!

Zach Wilson, BYU, a Mormon college in Utah.

He's a bit of a one-year wonder, but I've loved the kid since October. We haven't even drafted him yet, but have BYU gear ordered and arriving Thursday ;) I can always pretend to be a Mormon if we draft someone else.

BYU obviously isn't a big college, so he hasn't played any of the power-house teams like Clemson, Alabama, Ohio State, etc but his traits and skill level is off the charts.

He gets compared to Mahomes because of his ability to improvise and make all kinds of throws. He lit it up at his pro day recently. After this second throw, I clicked 'Confirm Order' on the gear.

The greatest day of the sporting calendar is here.


Drama has started early.

Rodgers has told Green Bay he doesn't want to play for them next year. They have offered him a contract extension and say they have no intentions of trading him. This is probably Rodgers throwing his toys of the pram, just to make sure the Packers draft a wide receiver later.
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