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Guapo, he doesn't seem the best but as you say, this one will be different being a tough climb. Add to that, it's the second to last stage and they're all fairly fooked.... The GC lads often mirror their position, so I wouldn't be surprised to see the top 4 or 5 in GC being in similar positions tomorrow. If Kuss wanted to make a statement he could give it a lash, but otherwise the motivation must be low. Like if you're 23rd, are you going to break your balls on that climb to jump a place or two?
6:37 of a lead for the break at the bottom of the Tre Croci - decent sized group in the break too.
Is everyone holding their fire until the Lavaredo? Is that where Rog launches again?

Unbelieveable scenery on this stage



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Scenery is something else alright, but Terrier, you'd nearly keep up with fucking Ineos pace yourself. I coulda taken a nap. All in for last 5k it seems.

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