Marina Market to go BANG?


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IRA/SF have remained quite on the issue. The usual Army Council directive applies . Wait to see which is the populist opinion and then support this.

Didn't take too long for your fixation to kick in did it? Tell us again how Tommy No Bobs rescued Cork City FC you complete and utter pity. ūüėā


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In full flight here.

He sacrificed his personal reputation? What an absolute spoofer!!!!!!

There was a story that he also bought the hotel on the opposite bank across from Waterford city and let it go to rack-and-ruin in the hope that as an eyesore it would be bought off him by the council.
Place is daylight robbery anyway. Overpriced hipster fare.
That is to discourage riff-raff?

It would be great is some of the traders/stalls in there could do well and spin-off to have their own restaurants etc in the city centre etc.

If it was an affordable business incubation space?


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Place is daylight robbery anyway. Overpriced hipster fare.

It can be a bit steep I grant you. But for someone who very occasionally would treat the kids to their favourite take-away it's a godsend. We can all go and eat in one place and there's no squabbling about what to get as all tastes are catered to. A bit like an indoor and less formal Princes Street.

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